Friday, 11 January 2019

A Way To Have Fun and Relax!

This is the Satisfyer Pro 2 that everyone has been raving about. I first found out about the Satisfyer from one of my Facebook friends. Her friends were giving their experiences, and they were so detailed. So I said let me go over to Amazon and see what the hype is about. I read the reviews and ladies, OMG they were detailed as well. So I instantly had to purchase the Satisfyer. It came in 2 days due to me being an Amazon Prime Member. When it arrived, it came in this pretty pink box. The box contain the picture of the Satisfyer and the charger on the front, the instruction manual, the charger and the Satsisfyer itself. It is a pretty rose pink color and it fits perfectly in your hand. It has two buttons on the front. The up and down button is to control the level of intensity of the satisfyerand the small button under it is the power on/off button. The back of the Satisfyer has the big whole that is where your clitoris goes. If you take a look on the inside there is this little ball in there and that is where all the magic happens. The ball holds all the levels of intensity that you need. Now on to the review:

 Girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll when I tell you this thing here is LIFE!!! If you don't have one this is a definite, must have purchase. When I used it for the first time I DAMN near lost my mind! I was completely taken aback with the first impression. It stimulated my clitoris better than I could with my finger LOL! It emulates someone either flicking your clitoris really fast or someone licking on it. And the best part is, its WATERPROOF GIRL! So using it in the shower would be so fun. Light you some candles, get you a glass of wine, play some slow music and make this a session for you to unwind and learn your body. The Satsifyer has 11 levels of intensity and needless to say, Ya girl can't get pass 3 LOL!! It is very powerful like OMG! I even bought my sister one. She says she turned it all the way up. LORDT! She is a brave little trooper because I wouldn't even dare to compare. I would probably be dead somewhere laid out. People would ask how she died and that would be one heck of a story LOL!! I do recommend getting this for those lonely nights or even for some excitement in the bedroom with your lover. GO GRAB IT NOW GIRL BELIEVE ME!!
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  2. Thank you Tiffany lol yes I wouldn't mind collaborating. Im going to check out the page and thanks for the info!!