Monday, 10 December 2018

Wig lady Wig lady yea that's me!

So my best friend has always loved wigs. She loved it so much I encouraged her to start a hair store. 5 years later who would have thought her hard work and dedication would pay off. Today is the grand opening for Ya Girl Wigs! I keep the dress code real subtle and simple. It's her time to shine. I do tend to over dress and over step LOL. I'm going to let her have this one. I get dressed and drive to the grand opening. The line is wrapped around the corner. I pull up, valet takes my care and I meet my best friend at the entrance. She is so ready to cut the ribbon. Everyone rushes in with excitement. So ready to purchase. I sit in her chair and model several wigs for her. She demonstrates several styles and techniques for proper styling and care. SHE REACHED HER GOAL FOR SALES!!! I am so proud of her. Hard work, motivation, late nights, and no sleep. She did it! She finally brought the dream alive that she always dreamed of. I'm going to be forever stood behind her and support her because that is my best friend and I love her to death!

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