Tuesday, 25 December 2018

What Is Your Body Type?

Do you know what body shape you have? A lot of women do not know their body shape and its OK! I'm going to show you how to determine your body shape. Knowing what type of shape you have plays a big part when shopping. Especially when shopping online. There are a lot of people that are scare to shop online due one one particular fact. They don't know their shape and they are scared things are not going to fit. Below is a chart that shows the different body shapes.

Straight Body Type: This shape everything is straight. You do have the benefit that we all want, the small waistline LOL. But you have no hips and a small bust.

Pear Body Type: With this shape, you have more hips than you do bust. Your waist is nice and curvy. Show off that waist girl!

Spoon Body Type: This shape is similar to the pear shape. You are very hippy with this shape as well.

Hourglass Body Type:This is the ideal shape that most women go for. The bust and the waist aligns so well giving the body a curvy shape like the hourglass.

Top Hourglass Body Type: You are more top heavy than bottom heavy. But You still have a well curved waist.

Inverted Triangle Body Type: You have larger breast but your hips are tapered. Your waist is not is slightly wide and straight.

Oval Body Type: You have more waist than hips and bust. The hips are more tapered and your breast are a nice size.

Diamond Body Type: This shape is kind of the same as the previous one due to you having more waist than bust and hips. The only difference is the breast are slightly bigger.


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