Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Snakes in the grass!

So a friend of mines has this bag on his site. When I saw it, I instantly knew I just had to create an outfit based around the bag. So into my Fashion Factory I go! I chose a cream/beige cape style jacket because it's edgy. It puts me in the mindset of a snake slithering in and out of the forest. The shoes just made since due to it matching the bag almost perfectly. I chose green accessories because a common color for a snake is green. A little innocent garden snake might I say LOL! Choosing the lipstick just didn't even take me 2 seconds to think of. The hat was just an added accessory to really give the look the last and final umph! This is also an outfit for you to show up on to a business meeting. Tell them since we are all here, we might as well discuss money. They will understand exactly what you are talking about once you put that bag on the table! Negotiate them prices and get that RAISE GIRL!!!!!


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