Thursday, 13 December 2018

She's savage but she's sweet!

 Such an innocent girl, she looks so young and sweet. But its something about her demeanor that screams savage to me! She stands about 5'7, chocolate skin and thick. The incurvature of her shape just makes my legs twitch. She walks with grace, sexiness at its best. I wonder if I approach her would I pass the test? I look in her direction and our eyes slightly touch. She shyly pulls away like a little girl with a crush. I see she gets the gist that I'm digging her already. This time I'm not moving fast I'm going slow and steady. She's the type you take your time with because her attitude is deadly. But she also has a sweet side that plays my heart a medley. Someone of a different caliber wouldn't understand her confused mind. But me I'll take that challenge and let the world know she's mines.

Outfit Details
Charlotte Russe
Affiliate Marketing
Boots: Cape Robbins Ebay


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