Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Picking The Right Jeans For Your Shape!

Now this is a topic that us as women struggle with. Me personally I prefer a High waist skinny jean or a good straight leg. I like the slim look seeming that I have big legs. Don't judge me in my mind that makes sense LOL! My objective is to make the legs appear firm and smaller and give my waist a more subtle curvy appearance. The High waist jeans gives you a silhouette look. These jeans can also serve as a waist shaper to give your waist that smooth flat appearance. I'm going to suggest a few jeans for different body shapes:
Hourglass: Boot cut or a good flare jeans would accentuate your curves. This type keeps the hourglass shape consistent throughout your body. Get you a good stretch jean and go for what you know!

Pear: Trouser Jean is a good jean for a pear shaped. You want to draw attention to your legs since that would be your best asset.

Plus Size Woman: A straight leg jean is a Big Girls best friend. It slims the waist downs and makes the legs appear slimmer. It gives the body a slim, curvy. silhouette look.

Apple Shape: Apple shaped women draw most of their attention to their mid section, A good straight leg jean would give you the curves that you are looking for without drawing to much attention to your mid section.

Tall Woman: Tall woman have long legs already. So suggesting a good skinny jean to help keep their shape and accentuate their long legs will be the choice style for her.

Petite Woman: Skinny jeans are the way to go for the petite woman as well. It gives their petite shape curves and it helps accentuate their petite shape.


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