Friday, 28 December 2018

Be Comfortable With You!

I am a plus size girl as you can probably tell LOL. Anybody that knows me knows that I will show my stomach in a heart beat. I love being comfortable in my skin. I wake up every day and face life as if I'm the finest thing walking and I don't see anyone around me. Growing up, I heard the fat jokes and the “I don't mess with big girl replies.” But I've never had low self-esteem. I've always been confident in my appearance. My dad is conceited so it rubbed off on me LOL! I have always been conceited and just into myself. So me showing my stomach is not an issue. I think now I'm in my adult life I'm even more confident and conceited than I was before. I love me a good crop top! Just being free and open to explore your body is something i ve always been into. You don't have to be a size 2 to wear a two piece bathing suit or to show a little skin. Those people that gives you those evil eyes because your stomach has stretch marks or their laughing because of your cellulite, tell those people that the sun shines every day where I'm from, so I hope my brightness blinds you!!
I have been loving the mustard and burgundy contrast this season. I saw this top at fashion Nova and i just had to get it in a 3x. The shirt does fit a little snug in the under arm region but due to it being an off the shoulder you still can make it work. Now my jeans are also from fashion nova. They are the high waist skinny jeans and girl let me tell u, these jeans are LIFE!! The stretch on these jeans are beyond amazing, and they are so comfortable. Depending on your size you can size down but there is one thing to look out for. Different colors of these jeans fit differently! I have a white and black pair as well. The white pair is tighter than the other two colors. My necklace was $1 at Walmart. My Walmart always have jewelry for a $1 and clothes to. I'm always checking their traps LOL! Now on to my shoes I purchased from Ashley Stewart. Y'all, I've had these shoes in my cart for the longest time debating on should I get them. Reason being, I was being cheap and didn't want to pay that price LOL. But I broke down and got them. But here's the kicker. When I ordered my heels I ordered a size up, so I got a 12w. These heels are so big LOL! But they are so cute. Now once I figure out how to not make the back look so obviously big then we really go be popping!

Outfit Details
No sponsor
Forever Your Lady II Top-Fashion Nova
High Waist Skinny Jean-Fashion Nova
Block Heels Ankle Strap-Ashley Stewart


  1. Oh my goodness, your energy is infectious and you look AMAZINNNNG!!! Mustard and burgundy? You ownnnned that! I love it! I hate accidentally ordering shoes that are too big but I'll double up on socks and call it a day hahaha!

  2. Loving the confidence and that colour combo too.I'm yet to buy anything from Fashionnova but I keep hearing good things about them, maybe I'll buy something this year.

  3. I really appreciate the love ladies. Fashion Nova is a very good site and they have great clothes. Im constantly buying things thats to small lol. But when shopping with them or chinese base sites I suggest look at the sizing chart for measurements and if possible look at what the item is made with. That helps me out alot.