Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Somewhere in the jungle. Here I go!!

He looking for me sis!  I'm crawling and creeping thru the jungle with my gun on my waist and my survival kit. He's peeking thru the trees trying to find my next move. Boom! We ended up at fashion Nova curve. This is where you can find this outfit ladies. Slide by Payless on your way to pick up some boots as well. Return to the jungle, pop up on Tarzan and see if he wants to swing vine to vine.  Just call me Jane baby!
Outfit Details:
No sponsor
Top: Changes camo jacket Fashion Nova Curve
Bottom: See me not cargo Fashion Nova Curve
Boots: Payless


  1. Most definitely will be the slayed creature in the jungle

  2. Camo is the perfect go to this season...