Friday, 30 November 2018

Sneakers N heels kinda girl!

Hey girl! U like my outfit? Yassssssssss girl!!! How did you come up with that? 
My fashion stylist threw this together for me.  
She is always putting something together that might not make sense lol. 
Well, that's the whole point of fashion right? To mix and match and see what works? 
Yes!! That's why I don't mind letting her style me. She can look in your closet and put things together you didn't even think you had in your closet. You should really find you a fashion stylist to help you with your styling issues.  It's not so bad having one, ya know!
I may just have to look into that because everyone knows I may need help!  Thank you for the enlightenment!! 

Daddy shark, do do do doo do doo, swipe that card do doo do doo do doo!!

Pulled up to the yard, made him swipe that Master card!! I came flying around the corner, yelling out the window boy come on!!! Fashion Nova has a sale and I'm trying to get there!! He yells, girl don't rush me! He gets in the car and we drive to FN. I pick out a few things this of which this jumpsuit is one. Anybody that knows me knows I love me a good jumpsuit LOL. I get to the register and he swipes. Happy camper right!!

Outfit Details:
No Sponsored
Jumpsuit: Platinum Status Jumpsuit Fashion Nova Curve
Jacket: Ashley Stewart
Boots: Payless

Red Run, Red Run...Right on to Ashley Stewart!

Red is a statement color that every woman should have in her closet! I look for red to bring a fierce, bold, energetic look to any outfit. Red is most definitely a showstopper when it sets the foundation for your outfit of choice. Being a plus size woman, there are some colors that we try to shy away from.  Reds, oranges, and a lot of the bright colors. But Hey I say DO WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU'RE POPPING!! So I say, "Red outfit me right now please!!"

Outfit Details:
No sponsor
Top: Cold shoulder brooch top- Ashley Stewart
Bottoms: Levi Strauss pull on leggings-Walmart
Mules: Torrid
Bag: Amazon
Belt: Aliexpress

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Baby, where are we going?

He's always coming up with something outrageous and spontaneous to do and I'm never dressed for the occasion.  So I decided to ask him where we were going.  He says miniature golf.  I then proceed to throw on the Moschino top I bought at a really good price,  some cute shorts and my wedge sneakers.  Small bag and gold 90s jewelry.  I'm ready daddy LOL!!

Somewhere in the jungle. Here I go!!

He looking for me sis!  I'm crawling and creeping thru the jungle with my gun on my waist and my survival kit. He's peeking thru the trees trying to find my next move. Boom! We ended up at fashion Nova curve. This is where you can find this outfit ladies. Slide by Payless on your way to pick up some boots as well. Return to the jungle, pop up on Tarzan and see if he wants to swing vine to vine.  Just call me Jane baby!
Outfit Details:
No sponsor
Top: Changes camo jacket Fashion Nova Curve
Bottom: See me not cargo Fashion Nova Curve
Boots: Payless

Winter is here!

Winter is here!

Are you wanting to wear that beautiful brown coat that you brought over the summer? You have so many options of outfits to choose from. A subtle turtle neck sweater and some black jeans will do the trick. You also have the option to accessorize and jazz up your look. Feather booties! Yassssssssss girl!! You can never go wrong with a cute pair of booties and a brown or tan bag to top it off. I'm almost for certain you will turn heads in just the coat alone! You better Werk girl!!!