Wednesday, 16 January 2019

6 Affordable dresses for Valentine's Day!

The holidays are over and the new year has begun. Valentine's Day is slowly approaching and your significant other is planning something for you guys to do. You're such a last minute person so getting your outfit together early is what works best for you. Why not let me help you out or point you in the direction where you can get you something cute and affordable? You don't want to spend to much because it's just for a few hours but you still want to be able to look sexy and chic for an affordable price. Here are 6 dresses I've picked out that would suit the occasion just fine!
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Charlotte Russe
Plus size Faux snake skin mesh dress

Plus size wired body con dress

Plus size cold shoulder wrap dress

Plunging V neck body con dress

Wired V neck skater dress

Off the shoulder body con dress

Friday, 11 January 2019

A Way To Have Fun and Relax!

This is the Satisfyer Pro 2 that everyone has been raving about. I first found out about the Satisfyer from one of my Facebook friends. Her friends were giving their experiences, and they were so detailed. So I said let me go over to Amazon and see what the hype is about. I read the reviews and ladies, OMG they were detailed as well. So I instantly had to purchase the Satisfyer. It came in 2 days due to me being an Amazon Prime Member. When it arrived, it came in this pretty pink box. The box contain the picture of the Satisfyer and the charger on the front, the instruction manual, the charger and the Satsisfyer itself. It is a pretty rose pink color and it fits perfectly in your hand. It has two buttons on the front. The up and down button is to control the level of intensity of the satisfyerand the small button under it is the power on/off button. The back of the Satisfyer has the big whole that is where your clitoris goes. If you take a look on the inside there is this little ball in there and that is where all the magic happens. The ball holds all the levels of intensity that you need. Now on to the review:

 Girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll when I tell you this thing here is LIFE!!! If you don't have one this is a definite, must have purchase. When I used it for the first time I DAMN near lost my mind! I was completely taken aback with the first impression. It stimulated my clitoris better than I could with my finger LOL! It emulates someone either flicking your clitoris really fast or someone licking on it. And the best part is, its WATERPROOF GIRL! So using it in the shower would be so fun. Light you some candles, get you a glass of wine, play some slow music and make this a session for you to unwind and learn your body. The Satsifyer has 11 levels of intensity and needless to say, Ya girl can't get pass 3 LOL!! It is very powerful like OMG! I even bought my sister one. She says she turned it all the way up. LORDT! She is a brave little trooper because I wouldn't even dare to compare. I would probably be dead somewhere laid out. People would ask how she died and that would be one heck of a story LOL!! I do recommend getting this for those lonely nights or even for some excitement in the bedroom with your lover. GO GRAB IT NOW GIRL BELIEVE ME!!
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Friday, 28 December 2018

Be Comfortable With You!

I am a plus size girl as you can probably tell LOL. Anybody that knows me knows that I will show my stomach in a heart beat. I love being comfortable in my skin. I wake up every day and face life as if I'm the finest thing walking and I don't see anyone around me. Growing up, I heard the fat jokes and the “I don't mess with big girl replies.” But I've never had low self-esteem. I've always been confident in my appearance. My dad is conceited so it rubbed off on me LOL! I have always been conceited and just into myself. So me showing my stomach is not an issue. I think now I'm in my adult life I'm even more confident and conceited than I was before. I love me a good crop top! Just being free and open to explore your body is something i ve always been into. You don't have to be a size 2 to wear a two piece bathing suit or to show a little skin. Those people that gives you those evil eyes because your stomach has stretch marks or their laughing because of your cellulite, tell those people that the sun shines every day where I'm from, so I hope my brightness blinds you!!
I have been loving the mustard and burgundy contrast this season. I saw this top at fashion Nova and i just had to get it in a 3x. The shirt does fit a little snug in the under arm region but due to it being an off the shoulder you still can make it work. Now my jeans are also from fashion nova. They are the high waist skinny jeans and girl let me tell u, these jeans are LIFE!! The stretch on these jeans are beyond amazing, and they are so comfortable. Depending on your size you can size down but there is one thing to look out for. Different colors of these jeans fit differently! I have a white and black pair as well. The white pair is tighter than the other two colors. My necklace was $1 at Walmart. My Walmart always have jewelry for a $1 and clothes to. I'm always checking their traps LOL! Now on to my shoes I purchased from Ashley Stewart. Y'all, I've had these shoes in my cart for the longest time debating on should I get them. Reason being, I was being cheap and didn't want to pay that price LOL. But I broke down and got them. But here's the kicker. When I ordered my heels I ordered a size up, so I got a 12w. These heels are so big LOL! But they are so cute. Now once I figure out how to not make the back look so obviously big then we really go be popping!

Outfit Details
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Forever Your Lady II Top-Fashion Nova
High Waist Skinny Jean-Fashion Nova
Block Heels Ankle Strap-Ashley Stewart

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Picking The Right Jeans For Your Shape!

Now this is a topic that us as women struggle with. Me personally I prefer a High waist skinny jean or a good straight leg. I like the slim look seeming that I have big legs. Don't judge me in my mind that makes sense LOL! My objective is to make the legs appear firm and smaller and give my waist a more subtle curvy appearance. The High waist jeans gives you a silhouette look. These jeans can also serve as a waist shaper to give your waist that smooth flat appearance. I'm going to suggest a few jeans for different body shapes:
Hourglass: Boot cut or a good flare jeans would accentuate your curves. This type keeps the hourglass shape consistent throughout your body. Get you a good stretch jean and go for what you know!

Pear: Trouser Jean is a good jean for a pear shaped. You want to draw attention to your legs since that would be your best asset.

Plus Size Woman: A straight leg jean is a Big Girls best friend. It slims the waist downs and makes the legs appear slimmer. It gives the body a slim, curvy. silhouette look.

Apple Shape: Apple shaped women draw most of their attention to their mid section, A good straight leg jean would give you the curves that you are looking for without drawing to much attention to your mid section.

Tall Woman: Tall woman have long legs already. So suggesting a good skinny jean to help keep their shape and accentuate their long legs will be the choice style for her.

Petite Woman: Skinny jeans are the way to go for the petite woman as well. It gives their petite shape curves and it helps accentuate their petite shape.

What Is Your Body Type?

Do you know what body shape you have? A lot of women do not know their body shape and its OK! I'm going to show you how to determine your body shape. Knowing what type of shape you have plays a big part when shopping. Especially when shopping online. There are a lot of people that are scare to shop online due one one particular fact. They don't know their shape and they are scared things are not going to fit. Below is a chart that shows the different body shapes.

Straight Body Type: This shape everything is straight. You do have the benefit that we all want, the small waistline LOL. But you have no hips and a small bust.

Pear Body Type: With this shape, you have more hips than you do bust. Your waist is nice and curvy. Show off that waist girl!

Spoon Body Type: This shape is similar to the pear shape. You are very hippy with this shape as well.

Hourglass Body Type:This is the ideal shape that most women go for. The bust and the waist aligns so well giving the body a curvy shape like the hourglass.

Top Hourglass Body Type: You are more top heavy than bottom heavy. But You still have a well curved waist.

Inverted Triangle Body Type: You have larger breast but your hips are tapered. Your waist is not is slightly wide and straight.

Oval Body Type: You have more waist than hips and bust. The hips are more tapered and your breast are a nice size.

Diamond Body Type: This shape is kind of the same as the previous one due to you having more waist than bust and hips. The only difference is the breast are slightly bigger.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

This dress will turn his head and pockets!

Let me style this for you with some cute black strapless heels and cute clutch! Inquire for affordable styling rates!

Outfit Details:
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Gang Gang

Now this is an outfit for Zaddy! These Givenchy boots are a sure way to go if you're looking for something casual. Pairing them with a basic black jean and black and red sweatshirt just sets it off. You want the outfit to be basic because you want to draw all the attention to the shoes. The shoes are the highlight of the evening. Throw on a Dolce and Gabbana watch and grab that black wallet and your evening attire is set. Throw on some Curves for Men cologne or some Issey Miyake Men and go pick her up. Show her that she's not the only one that can dress. You just might get that night cap!

Ms. Postman!

Let me tell y'all about this outfit I put together! I saw the dress and I instantly said I have to style this. The USPS blue is what gave me the inspiration to a sexy post woman. I love the idea of the OFF-WHITE belt. That concept of industrial tape was GENIUS!! It adds flavor to any outfit and on top of that, its yellow. The yellow cap to match the heels and bag was just the icing on the cake. A sunny day walking down the street and someone yells out, “HEY, WHERE'S MY MAIL LOL!” The pairing of accessories was easy. I wanted to bring out the black in the OFF-WHITE belt so black accessories was the way to go. A BLACK LIP! OMG, A BLACK LIP LOL!! The inner dark part of me loves a black lip. Pairing it with a bright color like yellow just really sets the outfit off. I bet you will get the mail to the gentleman on time next time!

Boujee Auntie

If you are a bright color, boujee Auntie then this outfit is for you! My vision for this outfit was to be in Miami on South Beach. Gradually walking, enjoying the scenery and the breezy air. The water is so blue and clear. This dress stood out to because of the color blocking and the contrast for color blocking with this dress is impeccable. The mustard sits slightly on top of the light pink making it so that its not over powering the pink and the little shade of blue and red adds dimension to the dress along with the black. I wanted to pair this with some mustard chunky heels just to bring out more of the mustard color. The chunky heel is so comfortable especially for the plus size woman. It gives us comfortability while still being able to maintain the nature of wearing heels. Light pink accessories was the choice to bring out more of the pink as well. It's subtle yet still a little bright so it brings life to the dress along with the mustard color block. Blue Lips just finishes it off to give the look a bolder appearance. Bring that sand to the beach girl, it's yours!

Just casually coolin it!

Have you ever just said, I'm not really putting no effort in my outfit today? I say this so often its ridiculous LOL! Sometimes I put effort without putting effort if you know what I mean LOL. Today was just that day but i still felt cute enough to take pics.  My smile tells it all LOL! It was a rainy day, so I threw on the Reeboks. Fashion Nova has marvelous marketing skills. If they are not showing ads of items like these in my news feed, they are stalking me on Facebook telling me I left something in my cart LOL. My shirt and jeans are from fashion nova curve of course. I just cut my canopy jeans up LOL! But hey what's a good pair of jeans if they can't be distressed!

Outfit Details:
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Addicted to Retail Top: Fashion Nova
Canopy Jeans: Fashion Nova
Reeboks: Journeys

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

A moment in time!

The star of this outfit is the bag. I saw this beauty and instantly thought a Black and White affair. The white crochet stitching on the bag gives me swan vibes. So elegance is the way I went with this. A Saturday evening gala or dinner party would be the perfect event for this attire. You could even wear this to a charity event dinner. You must come through with the ombre lip. The lip gives the look a pop of pizzazz. People will see your lips then instantly look at the outfit. The killer of the night would be the bag once they laid eyes on it. Black accessories to tone down the look with the Celine Booties and black jacket you are bound to have someone staring. The bag and lip alone is going to draw the attention towards you for the night. Move gracefully and stare silently!